Knowledge and technology transfer

Bridging innovation

About us

We are an active competence network for the promotion of knowledge and technology transfer for continuous value & market development of the Swiss agro-food value chain in national and international competition.

As a bridge between research institutes and Swiss companies, we cultivate the ecosystem for innovation in the sense of a dynamic economic and scientific community of participants from several sectors (all areas of the value chain) and their environment.

With our network we are committed to the development of a holistic, sustainable and future-oriented agro-food system and base our actions on our charta.

Swiss Food Research is also committed and supports the principles of the CHARTER FOR CIRCULAR ECONOMY SWITZERLAND as well of the CHARTER FOR DIGITALIZATION OF THE SWISS AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD INDUSTRY.

In a nutshell ...

  • we promote the implementation of innovation in economic applications developping a holistic, sustainable, future-oriented agro-food system
  • we work confidentially with the highest understanding of business and research
  • we are the central hub and offer easy access to the competence network in Switzerland
  • we advise in all questions regarding science-based innovations
  • we match the right partners for innovation projects
  • we identify funding opportunities (national or European)
  • we support projects financially and professionally

Vision & Mission

Promotion of the innovation ecosystem of the agro-food value chain

The members of Swiss Food Research follow the ongoing value and market development of the Swiss agro-food value chain in national and international competition. They are jointly committed to the sustainable marketability of the Swiss agro-food industry through science-based innovation development.

The participants of Swiss Food Research network have scientific, technical and financial resources at their disposal for the development of specific/individual innovations.