Since 2013, Swiss Food Research has evaluated 125 projects with experts and funded 57 projects with a total of more than CHF 550,000.
70% of the projects funded by Swiss Food Research were continued.

Examples Research Calls

Technologies beyond the protective function of packaging for better food quality.

2020 SFR Research Call

Feasibility study of a smartphone application for disease detection for plants

2018 SFR Research Call

Recultivation of hemp in Switzerland as a valuable foodstuff

Research Call 2016

Development of a portable analysis kit for traceability cultures in cheese.

Research Call 2016

2020 Q&A Session Research Call

Example Innovation Funding

Palm fat substitute: in search for a sustainable alternative

Efficient protein extraction from moringa

2020 Innosuisse funding

What influence does fermentation of coffee cherries have on quality?

2019 InnoCheque project funding

Targeted control of crystallisation in margarine

2018 Innosuisse funding

Sustainable optimisation of commercial deep-frying

2019 Innoproject

Sustainable decoffeination of tea

2013 Innnosuisse funding