We make a significant contribution to the promotion of innovation projects from the idea to market maturity.

We close the funding gap where most ideas and projects fail. Namely, where it is a matter of clarifying the potential of ideas through research and piloting through effective matchmaking.

You have ideas but no access to resources?

  • We offer and test ideas with market relevance
  • We connect with research institutes and funding
  • We support you in the preparation of project applications for public and private funding.

You have developed an innovative idea and are looking for a pilot project and market access?

  • We combine the right skills for piloting from our network
  • We make market access possible via our business partners

Successful funded projects

Palm fat substitute: in search for a sustainable alternative

Efficient protein extraction from moringa

2020 Innosuisse funding

What influence does fermentation of coffee cherries have on quality?

2019 InnoCheque project funding

Targeted control of crystallisation in margarine

2018 Innosuisse funding

Sustainable optimisation of commercial deep-frying

2019 Innoproject

Sustainable decoffeination of tea

2013 Innnosuisse funding

Talk to us, we will assist you in your innovation process!

We support you with our own programmes and advise you on the design of project proposals:

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