Swiss Food Research Call

The Swiss Food Research Call aims at funding ideas and proof of concepts in a very early stage of a research project.
The project should focus on a topic along the entire Agro-Food value chain including its adjacent fields.
The funding should enable you to take the first steps and to get a better “understanding” of your innovative idea.
The more innovative ideas can be funded the greater the pool of potential research projects for the future.
To apply for funding you should have not only a project idea but also some potential applications in mind, where your project idea will provide a value add
Industry partners in the project are very welcome – to participate the industry partner has to be member of Swiss Food Research

Funding is accessible for all Research Institutes and Labs who are member of Swiss Food Research.

Documents for Call 1/2017 – open till June 30th , 2017
„Round 1 – 2017“

New Rules!

  • Only members get funded
  • Industry partner should be identified and be a member once call is granted
  • Two Rounds for Calls & Submissions per year – Spring & Autumn
  • Max. 6 Calls will be granted per Round


  • Submission of Call till –June 30th 2017
  • Review of Calls with experts –beginning of July 2017
  • Notification on acceptance – by beginning of July 20177
  • Presentation of proposal and review with experts – middle of July 2017- Location: ETH Zurich