Swiss Food Research Calls

The Swiss Food Research Call aims at funding ideas and proof of concepts in a very early stage of a research project. The project should focus on a topic along the entire Agro-Food value chain including its adjacent fields. The funding should enable you to take the first steps and to get a better “understanding” of your innovative idea. The more innovative ideas can be funded the greater the pool of potential research projects for the future. To apply for funding you should have not only a project idea but also some potential applications in mind, where your project idea will provide a value add Industry partners in the project are very welcome – to participate the industry partner has to be member of Swiss Food Research Funding is accessible for all Research Institutes and Labs who are member of Swiss Food Research.

Example of a Financed Project 2019

Digestion of insect protein: Quantity vs Quality,

Most consumers today only pay attention to the protein content, whereby quality is actually just as important. There are great differences in the absorption capacity of the human body between raw or cooked and vegetable or animal proteins. Insekterei - Switzerland's first cricket farm - has submitted a project in collaboration with Agroscope to analyse the protein value of cricket powder and other insect products. The researchers digest the proteins in a test-tube (a recently published method co-developed by Agroscope) - just as it would happen in the human stomach and intestine - and examine the digestive products produced. With the support of Swiss Food Research, the research project can start in the coming weeks.

Swiss Food Research Call May 2019 - Project Start September 2019

project description

Documents for Call 1/2019 – open 15th April - 30th May 2019


  • Only proposals from members get funded
  • Only the research partner receives the funding for the research work to be carried out
  • Industry partner should be identified and be a Swiss Food Research member once call is granted


  • Submission of Call till – 30th May 2019
  • Notification of general acceptance of proposal for evaluation - Beginning of June 2019
  • Presentation of proposal and review with experts –mid of June 2019- Location: ETH Zurich
  • Notification on grant by beginning of July 2019


  • Application form is provided below
  • Fill in and submit as Word only - do not submit as PDF!


  • The template which is used to present your project is found below
  • The template provides guidance on what type of content should be presented