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When meat is no longer enough!

Proteins are essential in our diet. The sustainable supply of proteins is one of the major challenges. In addition to traditional sources such as meat and soya, we need to develop ways of using other sources and technologies to produce protein-rich and tasty foods.

Food is diverse and today there are many different trends and movements. What they all have in common is the supply of humans with the important food components. The use of protein sources must therefore meet a wide variety of requirements. On the one hand, there are products for the large flexitarier or omnivore market. But also vegetarians / vegans should be addressed. This means that we are talking about plant-based or animal (milk, egg) protein sources. Of particular interest is the holistic use of raw materials and not only the use of isolates. The combination of different raw materials is also in the foreground. In recent decades, a great deal of knowledge has been gained in the protein field - but mostly for purified systems. This knowledge allows to approach complex systems differently now and processes can be rethought. Whether by means of High Moisture Extrusion and its further development, possibly without extruder, whether using fermentation or thermal processes or technologies such as high-pressure treatment.

The innovation group involves a wide range of disciplines, from biologists to process technology, product development / technology, nutrition science and consumer research. This allows us to deal comprehensively with complex topics.

Target group

The Innovation Group is aimed at all those interested in the cultivation / production, processing and marketing of various protein sources and the products made from them.

Steering group

The innovation group is led by a steering group according to topic. The steering group consists of the following persons:


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