8e rencontre du GI Insectes

ABB - The factory, Erika-Mann-Strasse, 8050 Zürich

The 8th Meeting of the IG Insects the following topics were covered:

• Food from Wood – Jürg Grunder, ZHAW
• Presentation of a study to allergic reactions to insect proteins – Carole Guillet, USZ
• Boosting insect waste processing BIWAP – Stefan Diener, EAWAG
• Presentation of NutriFly – Franco Bargetze & Leopold Luz, NutriFly GmbH

Jürg Grunder demonstrated a holistic approach to produce insects. All information can be found here: https://www.foodfromwood.ch/ . The results of the project are summarized in a handbook: https://www.foodfromwood.ch/Handbuch.pdf

At EAWAG a lot of research was carried out in respect to BSF (Black soldier fly larvae). The results of all that research is summarized in a Step by Step Guidebook which is made available free of charge to everyone interested in. The Book can be obtained via www.sandec.ch

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