2nd Meeting of the IG Fungi & Fungal Systems

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Kongresszentrum Kreuz, Zeughausgasse 41, 3011 Bern

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On May 17th, the community of mushroom enthusiasts will meet for the second time. After a successful kick off in September 2021, where we explored the question " How can we use mushrooms and fungal systems to make the food system as a whole healthy and sustainable? we would like to present new ideas and possibilities around mushrooms, mushroom mycelium and fermentation and strengthen and expand the developments and the community.

Be part of it and shape new ways with us - experts from all fungal domains are invited.

Presentations and discussion on:

How can Mycellium hydrogels be printed?

Solid state fermentation of soybean oakar - what texture and tastes are achieved?

Cultivating of wild fungi in an open field

How can projects in the fungi space be funded - what sepcial conditons are there?


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