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In the field of packaging, research topics for and with all parties involved in packaging are developed and processed. Packaging is of central importance for food. Today it combines multiple functions - from marketing to product protection, from sustainability to design.

The topics in the field of packaging are as varied as the packaging itself.
The focus is on packaging for food and all interactions between packaging, food and consumers. Hence the requirements for the manufacture and construction of packaging.

Technical coordination is carried out by the ZHAW, Prof. Dr. Selcuk Yildirim, in consultation with all parties involved.

The wide range of packaging is technically supported by close cooperation with the IPI, the SVI, the KATZ, the VLI and the Fraunhofer Institute.

All the research centres currently dealing with packaging are involved:

  • HEIG-VD: Prof. Dr. Silvia Schintke, Institute of Mechanical Design, Materials, and Packaging Technologies (COMATEC)
  • BFH-HAFL, Prof. U. Brämswig, Marketing
  • ZHAW, Prof. A. Bongartz, Sensor Technology
  • HSR-IWK, Prof. Dr. F. Ehrig, Inst. f. Materials engineering and plastics processing
  • University of Basel, Prof. C. Palivan, Dept. of Chemistry
  • FHNW Brugg Windisch, Institute for Nanotechnical Plastics Applications / Surface Functionalization - Prof. Magnus Kristiansen

A broad competence network can pursue the various central questions of the packaging sector and help the entire industry to further develop its technology.

Topics for research projects are presented to the participants from industry in meetings and also jointly developed.


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