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More freshness - longer lasting

The freshness of products is one of the most important quality characteristics. Maintaining freshness and a high level of food safety are often difficult to combine especially with a longer shelf life. New and combined processes in the field of "non-thermal inactivation" offer new opportunities. The widespread use of cold chain logistics further allows cold storage in the fresh sector, which was not available a few years ago.

New and well-known technologies such as HPP, PEF, E-Beam, UV, Plasma but also protective culture concepts and the use of phages offer a valuable supplement to the classical thermal inactivation of spoilage pathogens. These processes offer new possibilities but are also clearly combined with other hurdles to achieve best efficacy. Surface disinfection, for example, is becoming increasingly important when it comes to reducing (resistant) pathogens in food (fruit, vegetables, sausages, etc.) or also in seeds and cereals - opposite to this is the approval of "irradiation processes" (UV, e-beam). HPP-Technology is also growing, as the number of new plants in Switzerland shows. Microbiology uses protective cultures to repel unwanted microorganisms. The use of phages enables the selective inactivation of microorganisms. A multitude of possibilities complement the purely thermal processes and allow food to be produced with more freshness and new sensor technology/texture.

The use of electromagnetic waves of different energy is subject to approval and labelling. Consumer attitudes are often critical. Cooperation with authorities and consumer behaviour research are important elements in this innovation group.

The innovation group involves a wide range of disciplines, from microbiologists to process technology, product development / technology to risk assessment, approval of new processes and consumer research (perception and communication of risks). This allows us to deal comprehensively with complex issues.

Target group

The Innovation Group is aimed at all those interested in the development of new technologies, the processing and production of food, the processing of packaging materials, the manufacture of equipment and food safety.

Steering group

The innovation group is led by a steering group according to topic. The steering group consists of the following persons:


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