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Fungi Systems for a resilient Switzerland

How can we use mushrooms and fungal systems to make the food system as a whole healthy and sustainable?

The topics of mushrooms, mushroom mycelium and fermentation have enormous potential for food and also for agriculture. There are already numerous players in this field in Switzerland. The production of edible mushrooms is widely known. However, there are many other areas of application. From the soil microbiome, plant and root systems to fermented foods (tempeh, kochi,...) and applications in pharmacology, building materials, packaging or textiles. In this group we bring together those interested in this field from practice and research. The aim is to work together on new ideas and possibilities and to change the food system.

Ideas for the application and use of fungi systems were collected in the context of the NTN InnovationBooster in an open idea submission on the topic of "Fungi Systems".

All ideas can be seen here

The first meeting of the Swiss Fungi Innovation Community supported by the Avina Foundation took place on 8 September 2021. Bringing together the most important players from industry and research was a first step towards closer interaction within this ecosystem. The topic was explored from various perspectives in selected presentations and workshops. All documents can be found in the members' area.

Thanks to this successful kick-off of the Fungi & Fungal Systems innovation group and the organisation of further meetings in which presentations were given on current projects, work in the fungi sector and also the first overarching topics from other innovation groups, this community has continued to grow.

Steering group

The innovation group is led by a steering group according to topic. The steering group consists of the following persons:


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