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In the field of insects, the research topics are developed for and with the industry working on it.

The focus is on the entire processing chain from breeding to "consumption". The use of insects is primarily considered as food. In the area of food for humans, insects are currently in the approval phase in Switzerland. Within Europe, especially Belgium, the development is already progressing. This opens up opportunities to develop technologies and methods that can be tested and marketed in other countries.

Insects are a "young" topic.
It is therefore important to consider a wide range of possible applications.
Experience can be gained which can be transferred to other fields.

Experiences can be gained from the use as

  • pet food (dogs, cats)
  • animal feed

and transferred for use in food.

Insects offer new opportunities for agriculture, for example, as they can serve as a source of feed, especially for aquaculture and poultry.

Protein imports can thus be reduced and added value can increasingly be created on the farm using "Swiss raw materials".

The use in the field of pet food is another area that offers opportunities to work with this topic. Together with the other research institutions, the IGILS association and Swiss Food Research, the specialist topics are being prepared.

In processing technology, Bühler AG is a competent member of Swiss Food Research. In terms of process technology, the expertise of the ETH, Prof. Dr. Alexander Mathys, the ZHAW, Prof. Dr. Tilo Hühn, the BFH-HAFL, Dr. Christoph Denkel and the HES-SO, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Brück can be drawn on.

A broad competence network can thus pursue the various, central questions in the field of insects and help the industry to develop technologically.

Topics for research projects are presented to the participants from the fields of business and research in meetings and jointly developed.

In the steering group, the topics for the meetings are developed and prepared together with the feedback from the members.

Steering group

For newcomers and those interested in the subject, the following information offers a first introduction to the topic:

An overview and further information on insects and insect-based products can be found here: www.4ento.com

At EU level, there is a project on insects as a protein source: www.proteinsect.eu

In Switzerland, the Swiss Insect Association is specifically dedicated to the topic of insects as food: www.swiss-insects.ch


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