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Agriculture is the basis of our food.

Agriculture needs planning and security - for today's harvest, the seeds were sown weeks or months earlier.

By bringing together all stakeholders along the value chain, the Innovation Group Future Proof Farming provides a local platform for testing and refining transformative solutions. Particular emphasis is placed on taking into account both the needs of farmers and the requirements of consumers, as their synergy is essential for sustainable progress. Hurdles are to be discussed and solutions tested together.

From the national side, the Innovation Group is supported by the following research groups:

  • Agroscope
  • ETH
  • BFH
  • ZHAW

Other members of Swiss Food Research support the ideas with their expertise.

The innovation group meetings take place at the agricultural vocational schools, which serve as a central anchor point and exchange. In addition, the regional programmes of the following institutions are supported:
BBZN | Plantahof | KNL

The innovation group Future Proof Farming takes place in different regions of Switzerland. We will start in the Canton Lucerne.

The IG Future Proof Farming is supported by


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