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A journey through the world of coffee

Professor Chahan Yeretzian, PhD of the ZHAW hosts and leads the innovation group coffee. Professor Yeretzian is an internationally renowned expert in the field of coffee and overviews the entire scope of the product. The scientific questions are so broad that they can often only be tackled by a combination of different competencies. It is the responsibility of the host to bring together the best possible competencies to deal with the respective question.

Insights into the innovation group Coffee - Synergetic Competencies

The work in the field of coffee is supported by the involvement of further competent research partners such as ZHAW Winterthur, Inst. für computational physics, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hocker and Prof. Lorenz Holzer. Prof. Hocker dedicates his research to the numerical simulation of thermal and fluid mechanical processes. Prof. Holzer is a proven expert in the field of microstructure analysis.
The combination of analytical competence, structural analysis and simulation makes it possible to improve the technical description of the process and to optimize its efficiency.
In the field of process technology and sensor technology, the groups of Prof. Tilo Hühn and Prof. Annette Bongartz represent competent research groups in close proximity.

In processing technology - cleaning, sorting, roasting, grinding - Bühler AG is a competent member of Swiss Food Research.

A new topic can be the investigation of the fermentation of coffee cherries. With Dr. Susanne Miescher Schwenninger, you will find microbiological expertise and experience in cocoa fermentation here.


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