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"Aquaculture in Switzerland" as a topic is increasingly gaining interest.

Swiss fish offers opportunities to market new products and to sustainably differentiate oneself. Aquacultures are sources of hope for a sustainable supply and at the same time are recording high growth rates. The focus is on a holistic view of the system - in addition to "biological, ecological, technical" issues, it is also important to address "legal, economic and market communication issues, etc.". In addition to the business idea, there is also a need for successful clarification of a wide range of issues. The exchange of ideas is essential for success. The Innovation Group is a proven platform for professional exchange and the launch of projects.

Together with different research groups (ZHAW, BFH-HAFL, FIBL, University of Bern) we organize the Aquaculture Innovation Group. Since the first meeting on 20 October 2016, this innovation group has taken place regularly.

The core question is always the same:

What is necessary to make Swiss fish a success?

Past meetings have shown that the Innovation Group is the right platform to develop the answers to this question. Aquaculture offers the opportunity to completely rethink successful approaches. They also have disruptive potential.

Steering group

The innovation group is led by a steering group according to topic. The steering group consists of the following persons:


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