Swiss Food Trophy

Swiss Food Trophy – The Swiss Food Contest for Creative Teams

The national competition Swiss Food Trophy -encourages the creation, implementation and development of new innovative food products by teams of students or members from scientific and commercial establishments of higher education. Swiss Food Trophy will be a flagship competition that will contribute not only to attract students and researchers to the food sector but also to provide a hotbed of innovative ideas for the food industry. The competition is in agreement with the strategic agenda of the European Technology Platform “Food for Life” which integrates an educational dimension to ensure the availability of work force in the food sector via activities: attracting young people to choose a career in the food sector and improving the innovation culture and awareness.

Open Innovation in Product development

The Swiss Food Trophy also is Open Innovation in product development. The products developed and which are free/open for sale will be presented in a special Open Innovation event to the Swiss Food Industry. Each team will present its product and also offer the possibility for tasting.
Following to the presentation 1 to1 discussions with interested industry partners will take place. Swiss Food Research will facilitate and coordinate the Open Innovation event.
Furthermore a Jury of experts will judge the products – The Top 5 products will be awarded and receive the Swiss Food Trophy Award – a cheque worth 1’500.- CHF.
Also the team representing Switzerland at the European Contest – Ecotrophelia Europe will be nominated.

Important Dates for 2015

On National / Swiss Level:

Briefing of Students & forming of groups – within responsibility of each University

Decide about participation and inform Swiss Food Research:
• December, 2014

Submit project idea / proposal to Swiss Food Research:
• Any time but latest February 28th, 2015
• Receive feedback – 2 weeks after submitting proposal

National Contest Swiss Food Trophy:
• May 2015 (Date and place to be defined)

Nominate participating team for Ecotrophelia Europe:
• May 2015

Swiss Food Trophy – Presentation of Products to Industry:
• May/June 2015

Application documents you find here