EUREKA - Innovation across borders was founded 1985 - to promote global innovation. Today 46 countries participate in different programs. Four main instruments are used to facilitate R&D led-innovation through global collaborations. The following outline refers to their “GlobalStars” instrument which enables collaborative projects resulting in new market-ready solutions between any country in any sector area.

Eligibility Criteria/Rules

Call with Singapore

  • Consortium should include one company from Singapore and at least one of 14 Eureka members/Swiss company or research organisation
    • From start-ups to corporations and universities/research organisation
    • Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, UK
  • Cooperation must lead to a new product, industrial process or service on a beneficial win-win/fair basis
  • Product/Process/Service must be innovative and a technological risk for all involved partners
  • Project should have a civilian purpose and strong market potential
  • Signed consortium agreement covering ownership/use of know-how and IPR settlements before actual start of project
  • Max. 70% of total eligible costs of a joint project can be claimed by individual organisation/country
  • Max. project duration of 36 months

Call with India

India has launced a Globalstars call for projects with Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Finland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland with the scope: “key enabling technologies for healthcare, agriculture and water”. Participants from India and respective Eureka countries are invited to submit joint industrial R&D project proposals within the framework of the Eureka network.

Bilateral consortia (one Indian partner with one partner from countries listed above) are eligible, but multilateral consortia (Indian partner with partners from multiple countries listed above) are warmly welcomed as well.

This call invites consortia to apply high quality R&D projects within the scope “key enabling technologies for healthcare, agriculture and water”. These should be collaborative research and innovation projects that apply key enabling technologies (chemical technologies, digital technologies, engineering technologies, advanced materials, biotechnologies, micro- & nanotechnologies) to tackle challenges in healthcare, agriculture or water, resulting in innovative, affordable, accessible and marketable solutions.

For example:

  • Nanotechnology in filtration for water purification, deliver safe drinking water;
  • Biotechnologies in sustainable agriculture production and productivity, increase crop yields and disease resistant varieties;
  • Digital and engineering technologies for smart farming and precision agriculture;
  • Chemical- and biotechnologies for reducing non-communicable diseases, towards safer, personalised and more affordable therapeutics to improve quality of life.


  • Application deadline
    • Call Singapore 15 October 2020
    • Call India 30 November 2020
  • Labelling and applicants informed by February 2021 (Singapore) / April 2021 (India)

Submission/Assessment Process

  • Strongly suggested: Contact Innosuisse to pre-check project
  • First stage: Submission of national funding application and submission of Eureka project application, see links below
  • Second stage: Assessment of Eureka eligibility criteria and national evaluation criteria, and Eureka labelling
  • Third stage: Funding decision based on assessor’s scores

Project Funding

  • Amount of funding available per project partner is subject to national rules and regulations à Swiss funding body is Innosuisse
  • Who can apply for Innosuisse funding
    • Consortia consisting of at least 1 Swiss company and 1 Swiss university/research organisation
    • Must share project costs 50:50
    • Projects which have received Eureka label
  • Academic partners: funded 100%
  • Companies: self-funded participation and pay 10% of funding contribution to Swiss research organisation
    • Are entitled to non-exclusively exploit project results
  • Costs eligible: salaries, consumables, international travel, equipment depreciation
  • Self-funded participation of Swiss companies without participation of a funded research organisation is possible

How to find partner(s)

  • Through Swiss Food Research Network

Call Singapore:

  • Virtual EUREKA Marketplace
    • Register here
    • Set up detailed profile and describe project, offers and needs
    • Unlimited searching, connecting, and meeting online
  • IPI Tech Matching platform
    • International marketplace for technology needs/offers online about which you can enquire and get in touch
    • Currently listed Food and Agro needs
    • Currently listed Food and Agro offers
  • GlobalStars Call Webpage with all necessary links

Call India:


GlobalStars Call Webpage with all necessary links

Application Eureka Link

Innosuisse application Link

Eligibility for Projects from Switzerland

Only consortia consisting of at least 1 Swiss company and 1 Swiss University or Research Organisation, sharing the project costs 50:50 can apply for funding. Academic partners are funded 100%. Companies self-fund their participation and pay 10% of the funding contribution to the Swiss Research Organisation. In return they are entitled to non-exclusively exploit the project results in their business domain.

Following costs are eligible: Salaries, consumables, international travel, equipment depreciation. Swiss universities are funded 100%, Swiss companies self-fund their participation. A self-funded participation of Swiss companies without participation of a funded Research Organisation is possible.

In addition to the centrally submitted Eureka Project Application Form and Annex, a national funding application:

Prior to the submission of the application forms, relevant project partners are invited to contact Innosuisse for a pre-check of their project ideas.