Membership Benefits

A membership in the Swiss Food Research Network offers perspectives for sustainable development and growth with research-based innovation:

  • Participation in the Swiss Competence Network of the Agro-Food Industry
  • Access to national and international available research resources
  • Know-how and technology transfer in the agro-food industry and related sectors
  • Support for Innosuisse applications for financing
  • Carrying out innovation checks, checking the feasibility of ideas
  • Access to developments, trends and innovations in the national and international food sector
  • Room for topic-specific innovation exchange in the innovation groups
  • Discounts on various events
  • Visibility on our website and at events

Conditions for membership


  • 100 Mio CHF and more: 6'000.-CHF
  • 50 to 99.99 Mio CHF: 3'000.-CHF
  • 5 to 49.99 Mio CHF: 1'500.-CHF
  • 1 to 4.99 Mio CHF: 500.-CHF
  • 0 to 0.99 Mio CHF: 150.- CHF


  • 2nd year of activity: 200.-CHF
  • 1st year of activity: 0.-CHF

Scientific institutions - Collective memberships per research institution

  • Up to 3 Institutes/Laboratories: 5'000.-CHF
  • Up to 5 Institutes/Laboratories: 8'000.-CHF
  • Up to 10 Institutes/Laboratories: 14'000.-CHF
  • more than 10 Institutes/Laboratories: 20'000.-CHF
  • Single institute membership 1'700.-CHF

Industry associations

  • annual fee 5'000.-CHF

Associations - Research / NTN /... (weakly financed)

  • annual fee 500.-CHF or mutual free membership

Natural persons

  • annual fee 150.-CHF

Federal agencies

  • membership free of charge

The fees mentioned are annual fees. Membership fees for companies are charged for each single company listed in the commercial register.

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Peter Braun, PhD, CEO
Peter Braun, PhD, CEO

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Peter Braun, PhD, CEO

Do you have more questions?

Call us: +41 76 799 17 02