Innovation Boosters powered by Innosuisse are initiatives that aim to spur innovation activities through concrete ideas development and testing. Innovation Boosters foster a culture of open innovation. Their activities are open to all Swiss actors who are interested. Knowledge transfer between research, business and society and foster cooperation with partners along the entire value chain of a theme. In doing so, they create sustainable competitive advantages for Swiss SMEs in particular. For the period 2021-2024 a total funding 21.3 million Swiss francs is budgeted to enhance 600 novel innovation ideas and 100 radical follow-up projects out of 18 Innovation Boosters.

Swiss Food Research joined forces with Cluster Food & Nutrition, and funded the “Suisse Agro Food Leading House” which is now the managing organization of the

Innovation Booster Swiss Food Ecosystems

We foster a culture of open innovation and co-creation to build next generations’ Swiss Food Ecosystems.
By deep-diving into the existing problems and mapping out the stakeholders, we offer a holistic and systemic view that encourages radical solutions!

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Our food system is broken and needs urgent re-shaping for how we are using the planet’s resources.

Join us in exploring and mapping the problem and opportunity space on resource efficiency within the agro-food system. By

  • understanding how resources are used today, why we stick to them, and what this causes
  • laying out the relevant stakeholders and comprehending who are promoters of change and who likes to keep the status quo

Based on the thorough exploration of the entire problem landscape of today’s resource spillage opportunities will derive.

This open and collaborative setting will make you meet new people from diverse backgrounds, will make you learn more insights and you will find the right partners to actively work on the emerging opportunities.

In a second step, you have the chance to team up with other disciplines and propose concepts for solutions. This happens according to your preference – either in a closed confidential or in an open setting.

The workshops are the ticket for idea submission to the ideation campaigns of this Innovation Booster. (Participation to the workshop, of at least one member of the submitting team, is mandatory for idea submission)

The NTN – Innovation Booster provides direct funding to selected innovation multidisciplined teams.

  • 23 August 2022
  • 29 September 2022

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